Ein Artikel über das harte Leben von Ameisen in einem polnischen Atombunker.

The wood-ant ‘colony’ described here – although superficially looking like a functioning colony with workers teeming on the surface of the mound – is rather an example of survival of a large amount of workers trapped within a hostile environment in total darkness, with constantly low temperatures and no ample supply of food. The continued survival of the ‘colony’ through the years is dependent on new workers falling in through the ventilation pipe. The supplement of workers more than compensates for the mortality rate of workers such that through the years the bunker workforce has grown to the level of big, mature natural colonies.

Nachtrag: Bei Heuschrecken wäre es anders gelaufen.

Noch ein Nachtrag: Wenn Sie nicht in Löcher fallen, züchten sie zweifarbige Blattlaus-Kolonien.