Barbecue Sauce

He drove to a supermarket. Inside he looked for some barbecue sauce and found a huge shelf. He paused. There was a multitude of brands and flavours.

On his iPhone he listened to the Iliad, it’s the scene where Achilles stands in front of the funeral pyre of his friend Patroclus, giving a vow of vengeance. When told the cost of this oath would be his own death, Achilles does not hesitate.

Let me die next, and be avenged of my enemy, rather than abide here by the beaked ships, a laughing stock and a burden of the earth!

He took the headphones off, sighed deeply and left the supermarket abruptly. The sun scorched the parking lot outside. Empty handed he got into the car and drove to a different supermarket.

But they are all the same.