Psychotherapie und Transferenz

Ein sehr langer und sehr interessanter Artikel über Psychotherapie, Transferenz, Einsicht und Veränderung.

-rather than assume people are too damaged to interpret reality, the default assumption should be: all of this is a defense against change.

-You can’t step outside the transference, there is no objective place for me to stand and tell him my thoughts, and there’s no safe distance for him to stand and hear them.

– In therapy we see a reversal of my often repeated maxim: if you’re saying it, it’s for you.

-The moment the therapist speaks, he stops being a symbol of knowledge and becomes a person to be fooled (or loved or devalued or punished or whatever the nature of that particular transference is.) A post, a story, and the (mostly) silent therapist are the opposite: a screen to project on so that patient or reader can then ask, why does this make me feel like that? (Or, more rigorously: „what do you want from me?“)

-For these reasons, I am becoming convinced that the only real way to „personal growth“ outside of direct action is through careful study of fiction.